MyZone March Madness


Summer is coming!

From March 18 to April 5, participate in our first March Madness competition!

2 prizes, 3 winners!

Goal: To be at the top of the Unbound Synergy leaderboard in total MEPs.


  • 1 person will get $100 off their next membership or program for being at the top of the leaderboard
  • 2 people, via raffle, will get $50 off their next membership or program for logging a MyZone workout every day from March 18 to April 5


  • Only MEPs in the blue, green, yellow, and red zones will count. MEPs earned in the gray will NOT count.
  • Only one workout per day will count. (If you choose to workout more than once in a day, do not wear your belt for the other workouts.)
  • Maximum of 75 minutes per workout. If you exceed 75 minutes, the entire workout will not be counted.
  • Employees of Unbound Synergy are not eligible to win.

If you do not have a MyZone fitness tracker, click the image below to get $50 off!

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