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Program Description: 5K outdoor or online training program, plus daily online healthy habits information, check-ins and coaching support/motivation for 6 weeks! Starts April 4, 2021.
Practice/Conditioning:  M/W/F @ 10AM (evening times to be determined)
subject to change daily, please click here for updates
: Jose Luis Cano, Nancy Langevin
Race: To be determined.
RACE: virtual
Price: $249 (Introductory Price)

**NOTE: online training is available for those with challenging schedules or who prefer that due to COVID.

Program Description: Camp Caliente is a HOT outdoor or online adult fitness camp that will help you achieve maximum results in minimal time! 3 classes per week plus daily online nutritional information as well as daily check-ins and coaching support/motivation.
Days: M/W/F @ 11AM and 12pm plus daily online informational/motivational program.
subject to change dailyle, please click here for updates.
Jose Luis Cano, Nancy Langevin
: $199 (Introductory Price)

Program Description: this program is tailored to your individual training needs. Connect with your coach through zoom three times a week. In addition, daily check-ins and well as support/motivation from Coach via MyCoach messaging.
Coaches: Felipe Sanchez, Nancy Langevin, Jose Luis Cano
Price: $225 (Introductory Price)
Get fit from the safety of your home! 

Program Description: this program is tailored to your individual training needs. Connect with your coach through zoom or in-person as needed to work on your individual fitness and/or motivational needs
Coach: Felipe Sanchez, Nancy Langevin, Jose Luis Cano
Introductory Price:

Program Description: 4-week challenge based on eating real food! No calorie counting or macronutrients cycling. Eat real food, that’s the name of the game! This challenge has a sample meal plan and recipes for all four weeks and includes 3 prep days which gives you plenty of time to shop and prep over the weekend. Also included are great exercises which can be performed at home without any extra equipment. A great short term, results-oriented challenge that is perfect to acquire healthy eating habits and get you back in shape after the holidays! This program also provides accountability and daily only coach support/motivation via MyCoach messaging.
Coach: Felipe Sanchez
Price: $199
Transform in 4!


Program Description: Improve your flexibility and range of motion for better athletic performance and injury prevention. For people of all ages and levels.
Jose Luis Cano
Price: $149 (Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks)
Get Flexy! 

NEW: deep tissue massage with percussion gun for quicker recovery.
Program Description: swedish, sports or therapeutic massage.
Location: client’s home
Time: to be scheduled
Price: $75 for 60min
Get Your Massage Today!


We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness and we’d like to take the time to THANK YOU for researching your next level of success.

Get in touch to find out more: unboundsynergy@gmail.com

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