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Superior Training in Pembroke Pines!

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<strong>Superior Training in Pembroke Pines!</strong>


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TJ Ajmeri

I love the structure of Felipe's classes: total body workouts, vastly different stations every time I walk in there. Im always happier when I leave....

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Nancy Langevin

When my local gym closed due to COVID, I participated in 2 of Unbound Synergy's online programs. Not only were the workouts very fun/effective/challenging, but the additional information provided was ...

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Dan Polka

I have been working out with Felipe for over 4 1/2 years. Since day one I found that my conditioning level constantly improved, reaching an all time high. I continue to workout multiple times a week a...

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Jim Doyle

I was visiting from out of state and went to Unbound Synergy with my sister. Filipe set up a strength and core circuit workout for me. Excellent workout that I enjoyed a lot. Good instruction and expl...

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Kelleen Kiki Gebler

Felipe has a way of making you want to work harder? Yes, I said "want to work harder!". Results are worth every second!...

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Group Fitness near Pembroke Pines

Group Fitness

Take on high-energy workouts and fun Group Fitness training at Unbound Synergy in Pembroke Pines. Our team is committed to making your journey more effective and enjoyable than ever before!

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Group Fitness near Pembroke Pines

Personal Training

Through personal training, you'll be able to access a suite of educational resources, nutrition strategies, and work with a dedicated trainer in order to establish a workout plan that's right for your body and your goals. Join us in Pembroke Pines and make results happen by training in a way that's right for you!

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Group Fitness near Pembroke Pines

Youth Boxing

Our Kids Boxing Classes build discipline, respect, and incredible self-confidence in kids of all ages. We're proud to help students across Pembroke Pines take pride in their accomplishments and stay in great shape!

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Transform Your Metabolism!

Are you ready to reclaim your fitness, build new heights of confidence, and revitalize your health

Our team at Unbound Synergy is here to deliver high-quality personal training, fitness classes, and nutrition coaching to men and women across Pembroke Pines. We have years of experience helping people from all across Pembroke Pines lose weight, build muscle, and become the best they can possibly be. When you train with us, no obstacle is too great, no goal is too big, and no aspiration is too challenging. 

From our fitness classes to personal training, Unbound Synergy is your ultimate resource for becoming strong, healthy, and happy. 


Learn About the Services Unbound Synergy Offers

  • Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Training at Unbound Synergy will promote a healthy heart, a stronger body, and better endurance. Whether you choose to work out one-on-one with a personal trainer or take on our circuit training classes, you'll revolutionize your fitness and your life.

  • Injury Prevention

    Injury Prevention

    People sometimes think of strength training as a way to get hurt, but in reality, training intelligently actually reduces your risk of injury and keeps your body primed, fit, and ready to go!

  • Resistance & Strength Training

    Resistance & Strength Training

    Everyone trains differently, but at Unbound Synergy, we use proven methods for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. Get real results and feel better in everyday life when you join our squad and start training!

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

    Nutrition & Weight Management

    There are a million different fad diets out there, but when it comes to getting real results, it's a lot more straightforward than you might think. Our team at Unbound Synergy will help you get the fuel your body needs to produce real results.



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