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OFF SEASON? Want to stay at the TOP of your GAME? Maybe even be BETTER than you were?

Check out our ACK Kids in Action!

ACK Athletic Conditioning for Kids programs are designed for youth, middle school, high school, and elite athletes. Emphasis is given to teach proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements.

ACK is not simply a scaled down version of our adult programs, it is entirely geared and designed for the specific developmental needs of the teenage population.

ACK offers training programs for any kid, regardless of gender, skill level, sports participation, or general fitness goals.

Our mission is to progressively develop all physical conditioning components (strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, power, and cardiovascular endurance) utilizing an integrated approach. In doing so, our training builds a very strong foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle and prepares kids for much more than excellence in sport.

Training in small groups ensures maximum one-on-one attention.

(Ages 12-18)

SYNERGY ACK – Athletic Conditioning for Kids 

Training Schedule:
Saturday 9:30AM

SYNERGY ACK – Athletic Conditioning for Kids Training Fees:

Personal Training: By Appointment
Drop-In $40 (45 min session)
8 Sessions/month $280

Group Training: See schedule above
Drop-In: $12
With Class Card: 5 Sessions for $50 ($10/class)

Bring a friend or sibling! Limited time offer.

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Our Classes

High-intensity intervals, core work, intense cardio and skill-based training all in one and every session! Combine this with what we KNOW to be the missing link: Strength Training and you have a formula for success.

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Our Philosophy

Measure It... so you can MANAGE it! It shouldn't come as a surprise that the scale doesn't tell you everything. We believe that if you have the right tools, customized to YOUR personal body, that you will be able to achieve your goals, no matter where you train.

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Special Programs

We offer special programs that will help motivate you. You do not need to be a member to join these programs. Some are seasonal, some are ongoing. Pick whichever program works for you and your schedule!

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