Have you been struggling to lose weight even though you exercise 3 – or 4 – or 5 days a week and watching what you eat? 
Are you doing “everything right” but still on a long-term plateau?

You may not be fueling your body with enough calories for it to feel comfortable with letting go of fat and in essence SLOWING down your Metabolism! How do you know that you’re eating the right amount of food for your body to operate optimally?

We are excited to offer the BodyGem TO THE PUBLIC. You do NOT have to be a member to take this test.
Read below about why you should take this test if you’re serious about your health.

Measure it and You can Manage it!

The scale alone does not tell you the whole story.

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Do you know how many calories you REALLY burn—or how many calories you should be eating for optimal weight loss?

The BodyGem measures your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) in 10 minutes. This # can account for up to
75% of your total calorie needs. It is non-invasive. All you need to do is breathe.

​ This type of Metabolism testing is better than inputting your numbers into a preset formula like the Harris-
Benedict formula and Katch-McArdle formula. These are estimates.

We all have our own unique RMR. The BodyGem essentially tells you your Metabolic Fingerprint.

​ Find out EXACTLY how many calories you burn in one day at rest. Then design your program around that


Member Price:

$75 one measurement per person

Non-Member Price:

$90 one measurement per non-member


  • How long is the test?

    • About 5-10 minutes (20 to 30 minutes total with explanation of results)

  • Can I eat before the test?

    • Avoid eating for four hours before the test.

  • Can I workout before the test?

    • Avoid exercising for four hours before the test.

  • How do I prepare?

    • Do not consume any food for 4 hours prior to your appointment. Not even gum or a mint!

    • Do not consume any caffeinated beverages (i.e. coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc.) for 4 hours prior to your appointment. Sipping on water is OK.

    • Do not perform any strenuous physical exercise (i.e., vigorous running, strength training, etc.) for 4-hours prior to your appointment.

    • Abstain from all tobacco products for 1 hour prior to your appointment.

    • Continue taking all prescribed medications as indicated.

    • Do not take anything of a stimulant nature

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