Challenging Outdoor / Indoor Training
Just in time for Summer Fun!

Camp Caliente is a HOT adult fitness camp
so you can achieve maximum results in Minimal Time!

Looking to lean out for the Summer?  This is the best workout to get it done! This full-body strength and conditioning
workout is designed to increase your metabolism so you’ll continue to burn calories long after your session is finished.

This is a 5-week program that includes High Intensity Progressive Training, with a fun and inspirational group of people.

Work hard – Have Fun – Feel and look great!!!
  • Lose weight/ body fat
  • increase strength
  • improve endurance
  • Sleep Better
Expect amazing results!!

If you are already a member, this program will be built into your training. Just
sign up for the class that you want! Invite your friends! The more the merrier.

This is the PERFECT way to try out the Unbound Synergy system. See what it’s
all about and why it works. You can sign up for just this class series. Classes are
held Mondays (7/8am), Wednesdays (7/8am) and Saturdays (7/8:30am). Take
up to 3 classes per week, for a total of 15 classes, just $199 ($13.25/class)!

*If you cannot make these class times, please let us know and we will
do our best to accommodate your schedule.


We have a unique facility that lends itself to a unique training system. You will NOT find us logging lengthy hours on steady state cardio. We want you to maximize your effort in minimal time to use your hour most efficiently.

bod pod fat measurement lean muscle metabolism

MEASURE it so you can MANAGE it!

The scale does not tell you the whole story. We are the only facility in the area who offers accurate & personalized body composition and resting metabolic rate measurements.


No matter your age, your ability, interests, or your goals, THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU AT UNBOUND SYNERGY. Come see what we’re about and how we can help you achieve your goals.

What our Clients say:

“I really enjoy one on one workouts with Felipe. He pushes me because he believes I can achieve results with his guidance. He is a great trainer and has had a complete education on how the body works to its optimal performance. That is what I really like about working out with Felipe!”​
Denise M.
"I have been working out with Felipe for over 4 1/2 years. Since day one I found that my conditioning level constantly improved, reaching an all time high. I continue to workout multiple times a week at Unbound Synergy, to maintain that level. It is never too early or too late to change your life!"
Dan P.
“Unlike any training I have done before, this NEVER gets boring, is always challenging and maybe the hardest workout I have ever done. Almost 60 I would highly recommend this for anyone.”​
Greg L.

267-740-2244 | | 560-A Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938
Just below the Bucks County Children's Museum