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online fitness bucks county covid-19

Can we really fight a BAD viral infection with a GOOD behavioral one?

I believe so! It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary…and hey, when we’re done, we’ll even look great doing it!

Unbound Synergy Fitness studio is closed until further notice and we can’t do outdoor classes but…

 “We are getting the band together again”

Unbound Synergy Fitness TO-GO!

This new online platform will provide a way to deliver programs and challenges with enhanced accountability, improved communication and progress tracking.

…a 3 week (23 days) Self Care Program 

A program to Support your well being and exercise needs through this trying times. 

This is an at-home program that includes topics on drinking plenty of fluids, getting adequate sleep, staying active and exercising regularly, eating plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits, minimizing stress, and limiting alcohol.

You can start this program at any time.

Cost: $124

Sugar Free Me in 4

Sugar Free Me in 4 is an easy to follow, 28-day program. It’s a step-by-step process of helping you wean away from sugar, and replacing your stress eating habits with new, healthy habits. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step – all you have to do is start! 

Cost for 4 weeks: $149.

Transform in 4

This a 4 week challenge based on eating real food! No calorie counting or cycling of macronutrients. Eat real food, that’s the name of the game. This challenge has a sample meal plan and recipes for all four weeks and includes 3 prep days which gives you plenty of time to shop and prep over the weekend.

This is a great short term, results orientated challenge that is perfect for pre-summer time!

Cost for 4 weeks: $149.

MyZone Competition

Unbound Synergy Fitness is running a Myzone local challenge simultaneously with the Global Challenge from April 1st to April 30th.

This 1300 MEPS challenge is designed to be fun, engaging, and ultimately help sustain our members exercise routine, especially during this abnormal time when amenities are limited and motivation levels may slip.

You can use any equipment you may have at home (treadmill, rower, bike etc.) or outdoors walking, jogging, biking etc. 

This challenge is just for fun, motivation, or bragging rights and will have a leader board for everyone to follow along.

Rename your workouts and add pictures like sweaty selfies, landscapes, funny pic…and share with us!

If you do not have a Myzone fitness tracker you can purchase one through this link and get $50 off …it will be delivered directly to your home.  You may participate even if you start after April 1st.

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