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Unbound Synergy has a unique format that will get you Maximum results in Minimal time.

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SYNERGY OVERDRIVE – The Ultimate Metabolic Training

Experience the original SYNERGY OVERDRIVE to take your training and performance to the highest level. We’ve known for a long time that both resistance training and interval training boost something called EPOC — Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (Elevation of the body’s metabolism following exercise). That’s just a fancy way of saying your body burns a ton of extra calories after your workout in order to recover.

This effect can last for up to 36 hours!

High-intensity intervals, core work, intense cardio and skill-based training all in one and every session!

Join us and experience the burn from these dynamic workouts.

Strength & Core

By design, the human body moves in many different functional patterns. However, driven by technology, today’s environment is eliminating the need for much of our daily movement. Thus, creating a multitude of muscular imbalances and agonizing back problems.

It is not about exercise for a limited amount of time while in the training facility. Movement is more indicative of an active lifestyle. You need to develop the mindset of thinking of your daily activities or your entire life as a potential workout!

If you are ready to get back in the game, In Motion Training Circuits provide the best way to challenge your body to regain, retain, or improve its ability to move properly and keep moving all day long!

And that€’s just the beginning!


Integrated Strength Training for Fat Loss

Men and Women: If you want to get leaner, it’€™s time to start strength training.
Strength training is the missing link!

Developing the ideal level of total body strength to perform functional activities, also known as Optimal Strength!

CORE– Building a foundation on hip and abdominal strength to support proper body movement and to stabilize the spine.Increased Metabolic Rate– Strength training is the best option for fat loss because it boosts metabolic rate both over the short term as well as over the long term. In the hours after an intense strength training session you will experience an increase in metabolic rate. What’€™s more, strength training will help you maintain your total amount of lean muscle mass, creating a permanent increase in metabolism.

Strength training for fat loss purposes is essential because, while cardio may make you lose weight, strength training will help you lose body fat, altering your body composition.

STRENGTH & CORE Integrated Strength Training for fat loss is a great alternative to cardio and will give you better, more visible results.

Excellent high intensity and doable workout in a fun friendly setting. This is the kind of workout that powers and strengthens you continuously in between sessions. Highly recommend it.

Susan M.

This is a great place to work out to your hearts content under the direct supervision of a supercool trainer. Mr. Felipe Sanchez who is with you the entire workout session.This is the only place that offers to determine accurately your body composition by a sophisticated Bod-pod machine, so you can decide how much fat you need to loose and how much muscle mass to build resulting in a near perfect super lean and strong body.

Chanchal K.

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