Personal Training

SYNERGY One on ONE… There is training and there is Felipe’s Training!

Personal training is for those who want focused One on One time to train for their physical goals. My undivided attention, program planning and execution are devoted entirely to You!

SYNERGY One on One $80 
4 sessions $300
8 sessions $560
12 sessions $780

Personal TEAM Training

Grab a friend and motivate and push one another. This is designed for
Teams of 2.

SYNERGY Team Training
4 sessions/month $400 (or $50 per person/session)
8 sessions/month $720 (or $45 per person/session)
12 sessions/month $960 (or $40 per person/session)
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You will burn a ton of extra calories after your workout in order to recover.

High-intensity intervals, core work, intense cardio and skill-based training all in one and every session!

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Strength & Core


Strength training for fat loss purposes is essential because, while cardio may help you lose body fat by building lean body mass, therefore altering your body composition and increasing your metabolism.

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Personal Training

Focused, undivided One-on-One time. Train for your goals


TEAM TRAINING​: Grab a friend and motivate and push one another. This is designed for Teams of 2. 

What our Clients say:

“I really enjoy one on one workouts with Felipe. He pushes me because he believes I can achieve results with his guidance. He is a great trainer and has had a complete education on how the body works to its optimal performance. That is what I really like about working out with Felipe!”​
Denise M.
"I have been working out with Felipe for over 4 1/2 years. Since day one I found that my conditioning level constantly improved, reaching an all time high. I continue to workout multiple times a week at Unbound Synergy, to maintain that level. It is never too early or too late to change your life!"
Dan P.
“Unlike any training I have done before, this NEVER gets boring, is always challenging and maybe the hardest workout I have ever done. Almost 60 I would highly recommend this for anyone.”​
Greg L.

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