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Strong Lean & Healthy: Nutrition Transformation Program

NEW program designed to STOP the cycle of exercising so you can eat.

​ This is a 4-week program focused on nutrition.

It WILL provide you with powerful tools for understanding how to fuel your body and change your life. 

It is a sustainable and 100% customized program, based on where you are right now so you can start making changes TODAY.

  • 4-weeks of guided nutrition, paired with training (3 overdrive and 2 strength & core classes per week)

  • A complete manual

  • Weekly grocery lists

  • Recipes

  • Calendar tracking

  • Meal plans for each week

  • Weekly weigh-ins for accountability

  • One Body Gem RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Measurement

  • Complete RMR analysis

  • Macro calculations, fine tuned during the 4 weeks for your needs.

This program, valued at $1160, is being offered for the low price of $699 (includes a training program)

Member price: $299

(This is an add-on. You must have an existing membership.)

The time will pass anyway…. How do you want to feel 4 weeks from now?


We have a unique facility that lends itself to a unique training system. You will NOT find us logging lengthy hours on steady state cardio. We want you to maximize your effort in minimal time to use your hour most efficiently.

bod pod fat measurement lean muscle metabolism

MEASURE it so you can MANAGE it!

The scale does not tell you the whole story. We are the only facility in the area who offers accurate & personalized body composition and resting metabolic rate measurements.


No matter your age, your ability, interests, or your goals, THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU AT UNBOUND SYNERGY. Come see what we’re about and how we can help you achieve your goals.

267-740-2244 | | 560-A Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938
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