The time will pass anyway…. How do you want to look and feel 8 weeks from now?


The time will pass anyway….

How do you want to look and feel 

8 weeks from now?

100% PERSONALIZEDwith private group support

**This is NOT a quick fix program but one that will build sustainable habits**


Introducing “The Turkey to Reindeer Project”



Halloween             Thanksgiving            Christmas             Hannukah

…are right around the corner.


We’re right in the thick of the seasonal indulgence marathon!!

…and facing the possibility of gaining 5-7 pounds of weight

by the end of the year.

Introducing The Turkey to Reindeer Project

….an 8 Week Transformation Challenge

…that will provide you with a powerful strategy to pair proper exercise and nutritional habits together to not only avoid weight gain during the holidays but actually help you lose body fat and change your body composition.

Did you know that nutrition is 60%-80% of the equation when it comes to transforming someone’s physique?


NOW is the time to make a commitment to yourself for 8 weeks of a targeted and systematic approach to lose fat and yield maximum benefits in the least amount of time.



* Calculation of Resting Energy Expenditure

* Calculation of Macronutrient Needs

Customized Nutrition Plan

Private Facebook support group

Weekly weigh–ins

Unlimited Overdrive and Strength & Core Training Sessions

** And more!!

Total value: $1150

Commit to a Healthier You 
and get 30% off of this program!

This program is being offered in two payments of $399.50

Commit to this program, lose at least 10 pounds and receive additional bonus training discounts for January

to continue with your journey and start 2017 strong!

Program begins Oct 31,
you get Thanksgiving week “off”
and concludes before the 2017 Ball drops!

Imagine today is the last day of the program 

and you look down at the scale…

…and it says 15 lbs LESS than it did 8 weeks ago…

how EXCITED are you going to be?


Are you ready to see the change in your body?


By securing my space in the Transformation Project, 

I promise to abide by the Transformation Project terms and conditions


Last Day to enroll is October 26! 



We have a unique facility that lends itself to a unique training system. You will NOT find us logging lengthy hours on steady state cardio. We want you to maximize your effort in minimal time to use your hour most efficiently.

bod pod fat measurement lean muscle metabolism

MEASURE it so you can MANAGE it!

The scale does not tell you the whole story. We are the only facility in the area who offers accurate & personalized body composition and resting metabolic rate measurements.


No matter your age, your ability, interests, or your goals, THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU AT UNBOUND SYNERGY. Come see what we’re about and how we can help you achieve your goals.

267-740-2244 | | 560-A Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938
Just below the Bucks County Children's Museum